Is an economic crash imminent?

There are predictions of a recession, a belief that countries should be concerned about their irredeemable net values, the soaring unreality of printing currency so that your appearance can be stretched just a little bit thinner.

The trouble with inflation is the reduction of value. The benefit of inflation is that there is enough to go around when there is growth. Growth without inflation is hard, inflation without growth is what happens when nothing happens, a bit like you dipping into your credit card every time there is a financial idea.

The race condition between value and productivity should be consistent and the pressure that keeps these values entwined are not just basic needs, but intertwined complex interdependencies that multiply into many new dilemmas.

The only real political fuel there can be is hope. Behind every drive of the knife is a hope to create a set of conditions that determine the future history of a country. Democracy requires reality, or it may result in a kleptomaniacal desire for power.

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