Is Cameron the problem?

The Conservatives, rattling on about black clouds and being generally negative about future prospects are creating a bleak outlook with an up to now near certainty that they will form the next government. The UK economy is reliant upon Government spending and this is what Cameron sees as the “real” problem. The Ashcroft affair (his non-dom tax status has just been revealed, and he is high in the ranks of the Conservatives) threatens to derail the very sincerity that Cameron so relies upon so his negative electioneering not only seems mean on the surface as he talks of cutting basic public services – a response to the structural debt arrived at after the public bought loss making banks – but it is also shaking the pound into devaluation.

Is that such a bad thing? Well, it increases the level of the deficit in pound terms. It makes it harder for the Government to reduce debt and instantly increases it.

So is Cameron and his razor gang of the greedy not in fact the problem?

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