Leaders who go insane

The actions of the Vladimir Putin are murderous criminality. That much seems obvious to those not subjected to the traditional propaganda served to the citizens of Russia. During the Soviet times, this was standard fare for the KGB where Putin grew his claws. And now that he has had too much power for too long, his perspective is one that can only be described as rampant insanity. Or cruel evil at its worst.

What is pursuit of ‘purity’? The intolerance of difference? It may be a difficult lesson to learn for the racist, but differences between people provide the richness of life. Because your neighbour does not think the same thoughts as you, there is absolutely no rational reason for thinking that gives you the right to kill them, let alone murdering their babies.

Putin has been in power for too long and the power has disassociated him from any humanity. He is insane. A danger to the rest of humanity and there is nothing that he could now do to be forgiven. It is not my personal philosophy to wish a person dead, but Putin has crossed so many lines of decency, there seems no reason for him to continue to destroy the lives of others. He quotes The Bible to explain the sacrifice of Russian soldiers. When they meet God or the Devil, they may realise that they have been brutally lied to. There is no honor in slaughter, there is no relief in genocide.

Dangerous leaders who have too much power are labelled ‘mad’ or ‘insane’. It seems that too much power corrupts the mind, creating a false sense that there is a philosophy to be followed due to a set of beliefs that history has passed down. The role of a leader is to bring about positive change.

Putin, it is time to stop. Your leadership will destroy Russia.

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