Make environment sexy, says Schwarzenegger

Make environment sexy, says Schwarzenegger – 12 Apr 2007 – NZ Herald: World / International News

Arnold is right to say that the concerns about the environment are at the political centre and not the extreme left.

In New Zealand, the right wing National party has made more green overtures than the left wing Labour government. In fact, it is hard to say which party is more left wing these days. But ecology remains off to the Left spectrum because the Green party is seen as a party of luddites.

Actually the Green party is with the frontiers of science. No other political party has so linked its destiny with environmental concerns. For an Republican on the cover of Newsweek to claim the environment is the political middle ground seems ingenuous except that Mr Schwarzenegger is acting on the policy front and making California more environmentally conscious than before. If he can get that group of gas guzzling ego maniacs to zeroise their environmental footprint it will have an impact on climate change.

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