More death in American Colleges

Blood spilled from early this morning in what authorities thought wa an isolated domestic incident. It was not. The assassin returned with an automatic weapon and intentionally slaughtered as many innocents as possible. Descriptions of the student as “Asian” could mean it was an issue of Homeland Security.

But, it is the over protective Homeland Security laws that could be seem as a factor in the response by authorities who would have categorised it as a “domestic” on some idiot scale, and not placed the Univesity on immediate emergency lockdown while the mass murderer was preparing for his major assault.

Heck, if I spent 300 billion on security I would expect to be able to stop a man carrying an automatic weapon on campus. The reactions of the students may seem a little surreal, unless you have been subjected to the sheer unreality and terror of being held at gunpoint, it may not seem logical that time kind of stops and one’s actions may be based on panic instict rather than reason.

The very idea that the Government classifies threat without due process is why the investment in Homeland Security by constant paranoia is simply bad law.

The solution is to train people how to deal with the unexpected, not just provide a huge swallowing bureacracy. It is not identification of terrorists, it is civilizing the rest of us that is the real secret weapon in this “war on terror”.

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