Using Nature

Mankind has advanced by learning to work with nature.

Nature has supplied him with energy sources, building materials, food, water, air and fire.

Fire is the catalyst that has bent iron, melted steel and released the energy nature had so carefully locked into hydrocarbons.  Science can discover these natural advantages that have been adopted.  The majority of advantages science can bring do appear to depend upon utilising nature.  And this accelerated dig into the resources available becomes more finite as time and growth increase demand incrementally.

And it is the mathematics that is the real problem here.  The renewability of nature deceives us as we tread all over it, wiping away in a few mere centuries millenia of genetic intelligence.  What possible survival instinct led us to this rush to suicide, it is a misguided one.  A malignant force that is no longer necessary.

Today we read of a protest by WW2 veterans who felt it was a sacrilege to position a wind farm at sea off the coast of Normandy due to the landings at Dunkurk.  Celebrating defeat of an enemy like Hitler is their right and the wind farm could be relocated but that is not the point.

Continuing to learn only from failure blinds us to the very seriously obvious.  War proves nothing except that progress can be dangerous.

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