New Zealand Election

The makeup of the new New Zealand Government indicates a continued trust of the ring wing values of Prime Minister John Key (National) but a distrust of the extreme right wing ACT party that was subject to a take over by (National ex-PM) Don Brash (he ousted the former leader, Bill English, now Finance Minister and deputy PM (to be confirmed in the potential new cabinet lineup).

The irrationality of re-election of many seats for New Zealand First reflects gentrification of the mid-right-wing protectionists voicing their protest against the more solidly conservative National party. The left wing has fragmented as Labour had a weak but very smart leader and the Green party now has a major voice in parliament most likely in opposition.

New Zealand appears to have chosen asset sales over education, steady as she goes values over progress and their system of Proportional representation MMP has delivered the Government that people voted for – sort of – it really could lead to a failed parliament if John Key does not attract the Maori party into coalition or make fresh overtures to the Greens – which would require some fairly major policy shifts. But it would be the wisest option, a stable government with Green progress as its priority – it is what the electorate has said.

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