Nuclear terrorist deterrence

WorldNetDaily: Nuclear terrorist deterrence

MAD only worked because the Government of foreign entities are leaders of people who live and work together and identify under the banner of nationality. The language of the day before MAD – the decade of denial – the 1950s, when the US Government went to work on its people – brainwashing perhaps – or just the politics of denial. The US Government had stepped into the destructive WWII and won in Japan by dropping two small nuclear bombs. This act of surgery on a scale was more cruel, evil, brutal and decisive than any justification or demonisation of the Japanese that followed. No matter the reasoning – this was an act of a terrible god.

The “detente” and the Cold War it followed were a period of radical arming up by the USSR and America that defies belief. Why the world’s wealth is squandered on war? Is our leadership irrational? They point to their opposition and say – we should threaten their holy sites and wonder why they want nuclear weapons as well? Compare the Bush doctrine at work with North Korea vs Iraq. Why invade one without pretext and give aid to the other who’s “crazy” leaders invested in WMD when the brutal Saddam did not?

Because “time” changes everything. More to the point – the longer that you lie to the population, the larger the group of people who believe you.

The linked article is the danger. It reflects the end game belief in the Bush administration. The trouble is that the American military machine is in the hands of one man who could go off the rails and target the list of cities in the linked article.

The idea that the Muslim world – 20 or so countries like Indonesia – have just cause to arm themselves against a demonstrably unwise and agressive USA is the problem. The Bush-Cheney crimes against humanity so far may pale on what is to follow. This is the reason for impeachment – remove the insanity before large parts of the Middle East look like Iraq. Politically, America can now afford to not so much rely upon the body bag equation.

It is that Cheney wants to project to the Arab world that it must reform because America has the opportunity and ability to destroy the Arab world? The flexing of this muscle is only going to inspire support for a belligerent leadership.

It is the generalisation of death – the underlying threat of mass extermination that is the common concern. Is this evidence of George Bush manufacturing hatred so Americans feel compelled to direct hatred at “enemy” population centres due to the actions of this one evil organisation? That would be a war crime of such a scale it is not worth arguing about.

Consider also, America is doing what the linked article suggests – by trying to control the wealth generated by oil – they stand over the well being of a billion “others”. Muslims assumed this stand after 9/11. America has not learned that it is not possible to fight a politically sustainable war – unless the purpose of it is nebulous. They have learned that to retain the power the bomb is rather necessary.

Bush started the the war in Iraq. He does not know how to stop it. This just not justify using an atom bomb, but an election. Impeach him before he does it.

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