On the brink

As the days tick by, the world seems to be waiting for the relief of the commencement of battle between Barack Obama and John McCain. The disquieting suspense of the inevitable is becoming unbearable, but if Hillary Clinton now wins, well…

It does seem to me that she is more likely to take the Presidential election without effort from John McCain. Which one would you buy an insurance policy from? Politically, that is exposure to a weakness.

In contrast, Barack Obama will have to fight and decimate McCain on the pulpit of leadership. There is a chance, from that, will emerge a leadership that can take the fight to and defeat a far larger dragon.

It seems to me that Barack Obama has it over the other two in terms of command presence. John McCain is too likely to have ideas based on the history of the Middle East and Europe and so antagonise a war between East and West – whereas Barack Obama is the only leader who sees his country’s many problems as a non-unique status in the world.

He appears to be the one leader who can reconcile the American dream so that it does not appear like a nightmare to the rest of the human race.

2 thoughts on “On the brink

  1. Anonymous

    As a 75 year old grandmother, of sound mind and body, I firmly believe that Barak is an al quieda operative sent to destroy us frrom within. I hope people( CIA,FBI,Rush Limbaugh),will check him out, anyone with the guts to do it.
    Sincerely yours,

  2. Nicholas

    kybabe745 – all respect to you as a grandmother – but I wonder what lies behind your belief? What leads do you think the CIA and Rush Limbaugh should follow?

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