Our changing digital world

This the only the second stage of the digital online revolution. It still has many changes it can make to our lives.

The so called dot.com boom occurred because the internet presented the same proposition and many people acted simultaneously to support nearly free advertising everywhere by everybody.

Google leveraged that most effectively and worked out that they could leverage the talent and hours of millions of programmers by paying them to place the google linked adverts after having well established search ranking as a google asset.

It seems to have worked year after year as part of the fabric of how the web works.

It developed its own video channels then it buys YouTube.com. It is repeating its successful formula. It still commands the majority of hits into MySpace as well and therefore modulates its relevance. Even its major competitors rely upon it.

Google made the internet relevant. Before Google if you searched for something you were very likely to find something else. Now all search engines have found ways to become relevant. Or they harness Google. (also posted to M&C comment on the article above)

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