Pacific gang life

The growing fear of Pacific gang life – – in November street gangs rioted in Tonga and destroyed the central business district. NZ$125 million in damages were inflicted by arson.

This is terrorism by the disaffected re-evolved youth – children of expatriates – immigrants to America, Australia and New Zealand who have been thrown into Western culture and taken in by gangs and absorbed into criminal communities, and then deported back into the South Pacific which is not equipt to deal with urban gang tactics that in defenseless communities exact a destructive potential of a full blown terrorist attack without Islam, without training camps or organisation.

It is a cultural phenomena from displacement rather than a religious war. The disease has now spread from the American ‘urbs to the Polynesian street. The war on terrorism is just accelerating the process – exportation of death and fear by the mighty force of a juggernaut that can only be railed against by throwing the lives of a generation at it. It is a furnace fed by fear, Going to war based on the fear generated by the actions of those seeking attention is not just a wrong strategy, but defending a culture that is generating the problem, a culture that is so disparate that parts of it regularly go to war with the police.

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