Pandemic Panic

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The coronavirus, Covid-19 has spread to about 50 countries in a few weeks. The WHO does not want to call it a ‘Pandemic’ yet, maybe because the term is thought to induce panic, and therefore the uncontrolled spread of this … Continued


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The Iran Revolutionary Guard, the Quds Force, and whatever paramilitary organization that may exist in Iran were all influenced by the assassinated general Soleimani. Some of them directly depended upon his wisdom and strategy which appears to me to be … Continued


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Countries with such resources and a small population can work if they create an innovation economy: for example, a tech nirvana based on low rent, free electricity, situated in remote low tax villages on a train line with free internet. … Continued

Is an economic crash imminent?

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There are predictions of a recession, a belief that countries should be concerned about their irredeemable net values, the soaring unreality of printing currency so that your appearance can be stretched just a little bit thinner. The trouble with inflation … Continued

Evil Man

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Turkey’s invasion of Syria, and threatening to deport 3.6 resident Kurdish citizens to Europe is seriously evil.

Corrupt Politician

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A corrupt politician is one that takes personal profit from power rather than doing everything possible to benefit the population. A corrupt politician is one who acts against the tide of democracy, and for that reason, they are often identified … Continued

Culprit Politics

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Who attacked Saudi Arabia? Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Russia, or the USA? ISIL Terrorists? Or a power struggle within Saudi Arabia? In this world of complex political motivations, a case could be made for many actors. The need for absolute … Continued