Suicide bombers have threatened the security of political leaders in Pakistan and one must consider that if such attempts were successful that there could be a revolution in Pakistan that would set the knife on edge in Washington. There may be enormous support for Former premier and Leader of the Opposition Benazir Bhutto who seeks reelection – but it appears that al Qaeda have other ideas. The center of al Qaeda and Taliban movements are now in Pakistan and it would be their goal to disrupt democracy and ferment fear with Islamic revolution as their goal. And what a prize Pakistan would be – teetering on the balance between a democratic nation with a large voice internationally and a third world country with a vast population under the bread line. The ability to afford to purchase food is a primary division of freedom between “the West” from people from third world countries.

The Taliban and al Qaeda do not belong in Government. USA centric strategy ignores the fact that it’s investment in Iraq is the wrong investment. If they were not so rushed about invading, if they had negotiated with the Saddam Government effectively or simply replaced Saddam with another regime that kept Iraq stable – the US economy would be stronger, and the less expensive military effort in Afghanistan that still has international support would be done and dusted by now. With out al Qaeda and the Taliban – the war would have been won two years ago and Iraq could have been negotiated with if the Shiite militia were not motivated to shoot at Sunni militants.

It is a waste of human resources to take down the Taliban in Afghanistan but so ineffectively that it takes root elsewhere. The real crime is not conducting war properly so that there is a winner and total defeat of the enemy. What other kind of war is there?

If the USA is going to conduct military adventures then it is indeed a waste of American resources to conduct wars according to the whim of a dyslexic president who is so convinced of his “faith” that he justifies every mistake by shaming anyone who says – hey – hold on a minute – this is not right.

GW Bush and his ineffective grasp on history has reduced the USA to potentially losing a war against an army run by old sick men in caves? Well that may be an overstatement today but unfortunately it may be closer to the truth today than before the Iraq invasion.

And now the Kurds and Turkey. Another larger can of worms has started to open.

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