Pandemic Level 5

The World Health Organisation has called Pandemic Level 5.

This virus could be very serious. It may burn itself out very quickly before combining with other influenza A instances. International measures may include 5 day economic shutdowns and limitations at this early stage that could turn this into a non-event.

The human race has a new enemy in this multi faceted swine flu. It can kill, but like any common sense hygiene issue, its continued spread is prevented by:

Intake of fluids and

If your immunity to the flu needs a boost, Tamiflu is $90 in NZ. It does work with this instance of the swine flu but if it were to combine with a Tamiflu resistant strain, them it is up to your own immunity. Some of us must gain immunity to the swine flu if infections spread radically and public health systems are overwhelmed.

Natural medicine may indeed be a solution for treating the flu if public health systems can not solve the problem. This is what I know:

An immune reaction is stimulated by Echinacea – a common homeopathic remedy. It stimulates mucus flow – helping to expel the disease from the body. It is advised that you do not take it for very long (or it may seem the symptoms continue).

There are also natural remedies to clear chest congestion, radish or horse radish. But if you get swine flu, isolation is most important. If the virus dies in your body, then it will not infect your friends and family.

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