Pathogenic Coronavirus

Although it is rare, this virus is extremely dangerous, but because it has surfaced in a very few cases mainly mainly out of Saudi Arabia there was considerably urgency to investigate it as 3 million Muslims a year conduct pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina from all over the world.

What people think matters.  As the media has already started to report on this new strain of virus that can cause acute pneumonia in just a few patients, we assume that this is the only such virus.  The fact is that viruses are evolving all the time as are most creatures, but as these forms of life are threads of the part that shapes us, its virulent characteristics can and will mutate as it adapts to its environs.

Should the public be concerned about this new strain of coronavirus?  Yes, of course it should.  Will there be a pandemic.  Based on the evidence thus far, it could indeed be the exposed tip of a more virulent iceberg.  However, it does not appear to be that way.

The more pathogenic a virus, the greater the risk we will take to conquer it.  And the less potential it has to spread.  Allowing it to spread is not such a good idea as the more cellular material it can interact with, the more genetic information it gathers.  It is an awareness of how to evolve ourselves and our behaviour.

Article in The Guardian


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