Philosophy: Existence of Purpose

The Big Bang may not be well expressed? The difference between the dynamic expanding universe and the starting point of mass, without meaning or form or isolation, is the combination of infinite possibility with the potential of all (the finite) energy.

However dramatic the circumstance: it does not bear out if intent or purpose was involved: it could be. But it does demand the definition of that purpose and a God who is unknowable has a mysterious appeal to unknowing, i.e. requiring faith and a presence that exists for some but for others exists as a belief that others perceive the divine presence.

Faith can be shaken and therefore it is a quality rather than a direct indication that the underlying belief can be subject to rigorous proofs or even a desire to so test ideas that form the central part of a way of seeing the world, a view of normality that makes one feel right with things, but for which there exists a coded language that does not clearly define the fantastical but uses metaphor and imagery to depict what it may be without it feeling like a metaphor. The enormity and scale of the actual universe precludes the very capacity for belief. It is a journey of constant shock: discovering how things exist.

Certainty can be so loud and that something can burn more energy and be noticed may be a stronger indication of choices or selection of paths may be determinable. It determined that there would be future interactions and reactions that manifested something that could change, therefore change happens, therefore time changes things that now have meaning. But, this does not yet deny the existence of an agency or purpose or God. It could be. It could be not. Attempts to register the effects of the omnipotent seem to stand on difficult ground as it suddenly introduces indeterminate and unknowable events without a definite way to detect them, and the ability to respond to such calls, are therefore tenuous. That we choose this certain type of story, one that could be real, that is being told with the certainty of an historian: that makes the story carry potency in meaning and therefore may seem more convincing to a mind oriented around ideas of impermanence or predictability.

The evidence of a Creative Destination seems the real test of the interaction of authorship to the universe. If there is no apparent path to the glorious then the idea of an agency or purpose loses the control of authorship.

The lack of a Creative Destination is normal but so is the presence of one that may never be achieved. These anomalies of intent do normally exist as agency with various levels of awareness and truthfulness will act differently depending upon real time thinking and a varying ability. A Creative Destination is not a requirement unless there is agency in which case it becomes necessary to register change due to the actions of one or another. Hungry to know their score, to be judged, fairly or unfairly, is to be recognised. People remember which races you won but not your acts of charity. That is there for you.