Political Affiliation

There’s a war between the Left and the Right that will go on and on. Both sides have their point of view. One is driven by CAPITAL power and ther other SOCIAL needs. Perhaps they need each other to function.

Then there is the CENTRE. The Centre has its own Right and Left: from liberalism to socialism.

I propose a new politcial affiliation based on building a better future using the best tools we have, using technology and AI to make government more effective and better at investment. A good model is Norway. Excellent trade relationships and semi independence from the EU and has a massive surplus because their Government is not arguing all the time, but takes profoundingly smart economic steps for its future. The new Political affiliation is nomadic, wild and untamed. It is more concerned with the future than the past. It is FORWARDism.

The extremes of Left and Right are ruining Russia, Iran and North Korea, the United States has turned to isolationism as the rest of the world needs it more than it needs them. China’s conversion from Communist Dictatorship to Extreme Capitalism for some worked too well for some and appears to now be imploding. A country that is so reliant on the ideas of one person can not find its future if that one man is driven by overpowering military needs, as appears to be the case in North Korea and Israel.

Ireland embraced Capitalism but is it for all? Propaganda blurs the truth. Language disguises it.

The countries I imagine are the most successful models, politically, that have looked after their future and the present rather than living in the past. My view is polluted so probably inaccurate but I will give it a go:

South Korea
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia

What other countries are building their future?

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