Preparing for Proportional Representation

The UK has a journey to arrive at a place where PR could be a possibility. This election probably is not going to open up that opportunity, unless the Labour Party have some hidden agenda.

The main threat is not really the Conservative Party which has shot itself in both feet, but the Reform party stoking up immigration fears based on the starving of public services through Tory austerity and Brexit reducing the economy (and causing a surge in immigration due to employee shortages that Brexit created).

PR is simply a more democratic system. Labour will not have any motivation to let Reform replace the Tories, and I guess the hope that the Tories will be wiped out in this election may be overstated. Minor parties getting up to 15% of the vote do not get very many electorate seats.

The lack of PR will make Reform’s journey take many more years, and the opportunism of Nigel Farage may swing one or two seats, maybe not.

The Green Party, will probably get no seats, since Caroline Lucas is not standing, but her seat may be retained by the Greens.

The Lib Dems may end up being the Opposition. Which may be good for PR, as they may be in a position to argue its merits and fuel demand for another referendum. This time the Government should try and give an honest choice of the best PR systems instead of the least successful.

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