Quality of Conservative Leadership


Watching the rise and demise of 4 British Prime Ministers, one has to question why a party, well entrenched in power, could manage to have such catastrophic leadership. Cameron lost the UK to the doomed Brexit, default replacement May failed to reverse this, or enact it, Johnson mismanaged the response to the Pandemic and lied to Parliament (a cardinal sin), his “elected” (by only 100,000 Conservative Party members) replacement Truss advanced an agenda so ridiculous it lost over £44 billion from economy and her default replacement Sunak has continued to fail by focusing on red-meat issues such as the rise in boat people, while damaging the economy with subsidies for energy and (as Chancellor) over extended lockdown support, plus ridiculous and corrupt funding of PPE by giving cash to Tories to produce nothing much of value (as well as those who fulfilled their contract, billions were wasted). His energy subsidies were a continuation of Truss’ policy of funding the energy companies by appearing to give cash to voters which were applied to their massively inflated power bills, thus supporting hugely profitable energy companies. These failures are so egregious they would be hilarious except for the damage to the lives of real people. Inflation is now entrenched in the UK, reducing further the value of our overall assets.

Big Ben, London, United Kingdom


And looking at the leadership of the USA, entrenched indicted and already failed ex-President Trump only appears to have one potential competitor for the right to run in the 2024 Presidential election, Florida bigot Ron de Santis, who passes laws targeting minorities as raw meat for the MAGA base in case Trump is convicted and the crown is passed to him. “Passed” because he is 30 percentage points behind Trump in the race amongst Conservatives. He is simply too unpopular with the majority of voters because his economic record is the highest rate of inflation in the USA.


The actions of too much conservative politics is not the releasing of economic freedom for business to thrive as it promised. It is the uncontrolled support of malign forces of corruption.

Conservative Leadership should represent the values of freedom and fairness. Not greed and cheating. It should result in lower taxes as a result of economic success, not cronyism.

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