Ron Paul should lead the Republicans

Economies go both ways. Capital investment carries risk. If you invest properly, you do not overexpose yourself to risk. No 1 rule. Wall Street invested in risk and imported goods and when that faced by inevitable collapse they expected the Government to ameliorate the risk without addressing the effects on consumers?

The US Government are forced to lower the dollar as the demand for capital was increased by the drainage of credit. AIGs failure was triggered by irrational contracts over Lehman Bros failure.

So Bush bailed out the banks. Obama has prevented the pain being felt by the masses. Ron Paul is Right, but not for this time, thank-you very much. He should lead the Right, however, he far more brilliant than any other Republican leader.

The financial system needs to clean itself out of nonsense. That is what is stopping investment. People do not trust the markets to act in an honest or beneficial way due to ridiculous risk exposure. Trust was destroyed by AIG. You can not put a price on trust.

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