SCO Leaders Send a Message to U.S.

SCO Leaders Send a Message to U.S.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Isaac Newton’s principle applies to the real world politic in a whole new way due to George Bush and Dick Cheney and their false idea that American power bestows authority upon it even on the other side of the world.

It was not a fatal mistake, but a fatal philosophy that divided that world into “with America or with the Terrorists”. It was a mistake as half the world can not subscribe to agreeing with America. So instead they have to disagree? And they do.

Newton’s finite universe was superceded by Einstein’s more slippery relativity. Bush still thinks that it is simply a matter of a tough reaction. Relations between the USA and the rest of the world have been reduced to “us and them” by these cowboys. Their fruitless policy has diminished America in the eyes of the world. They exposed their intention to dominate world policy and resources to the benefit of the “new American century”. Benefits not based on improved trading relations sounds like the spoils of war.

Unfortunately for the American economy, there are no spoils of war but a massive debt, lots of death and a vastly more dangerous situation in Iraq and now Pakistan, with Bush having no authority is only able to point big guns and imply threat.

Dangerous and fruitless. The old imagined enemy and the new imagined enemy have got together with their thinking caps. In reality, however, the leaders of Russia and China have a lot to gain by preventing war.

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