Senator Joe Biden

Senator Joseph Biden

Presidential nomination

Joe Biden expresses in this interview a solution to Iraq and admiration for Barak Obama. A combination of these two seems to present a future for America and demonstrates his quiet ability to galvanize opposition to the destructive Bushite policy of war being an answer to everything by actually doing something that stops the war. He also remembers the withdrawal from Vietnam exposing a war that was not only horrific in its criminal dimension but achieved nothing.

  • He appears to me to be the best presidential candidate to run with Barak Obama as vice – – it could turn into an unkillable ticket against any Republican who says “stay the course” or “increase troop numbers”. Americans know they have a responsibility now to solve the problem.
  • He understands what to do about the war in Iraq to correct the Bush error. Hilary Clinton is likely to do what she thinks will get her votes, i.e. appeal to the emotional negativity about Americans dying in Iraq “needlessly”. It is a solution and Joe Biden has a solution rather than complaining about the problem.
  • Biden can attract enough Republican votes, vs John McCain. He is not a warmonger, but he understands how the American people will respond when they think about real justice for the Iraqi people. They are sending their kids to fight marines, for every American casualty, how many Iraqi teenagers will die? We will never know – but the injustice fermented by the Bush policy is creating terrorists and tragedy and will continue to cost America deeply.
  • He will start to win the war on terrorism by making America less mean hearted and more adventurous after it got burned badly by Bush.

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