Social Economics

The blood supply can suffer from pressure or the lack of it. A well beating heart is the key to health and the functions of all parts of the body. The ancients bleed the system when pressure got too much risking ruptures or arrhythmia   A single point of failure is risky.  By putting pumps all over the body, and charging us for the privilege, the banks have effectively added multiple points of failure. So the system can go crazy hot or it can leak.  Offshore tax havens starve the tax payer from the benefits of prosperity.  Sometimes that selfish money finds its way back in along with bailouts to try and restart the engine.  All this extra capital sloshing around is hyper inflationary, but nobody is able to take advantage and grow as the capital leaks out.

We are giving the banks our pensions and lowering our cost of living as our numbers increase too far. The disturbing trend is that Governments stopped trying to prevent poverty.


Originally a comment in the Guardian in reply to article The Cyprus crisis is a symptom of what is rotten in the EU by Slavoj Žižek


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