Where I stand

It is a questionnaire and is probably not all that scientific as it thinks I am nearly 100% for the Green Party. I am not a 100% anything. Changing one’s views is important unless one is running for office, when I guess it is not. In this case, I nearly agree with the opinion of the questionnaire as to my current world view. Nature is rather high on my priority list as is scientific logical thinking. I think my percentages for each would be closer to 55 / 80 / 75 / 50 / 3 – but here is the result of my answering the questionnaire. Cut and paste your link into a comment. I am looking for people with different views (pro Ron Paul or Romney most welcome) who want to publish stuff on Disturbing Trends… to balance a bit with my incredibly left wing leanings. I do not find “conspiracy theories” that convincing – more interested in discussing economic ideas and novel political ideas.

I side with results

I took the test on ISideWith.com.

99% Jill Stein – on science, social, environmental, economic, domestic policy, foreign policy, immigration, and healthcare issues
90% Barack Obama – on science, social, immigration, economic, environmental, and foreign policy issues
86% Stewart Alexander – on social, science, economic, immigration, foreign policy, environmental, and healthcare issues
30% Ron Paul on domestic policy, healthcare, and foreign policy issues
5% Mitt Romney no major issues

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