12 years to avert catastrophe

The IPCC has said that the planning to limit global temperatures rises to below 2C by 2100 is not now a goal that will be achieved, instead advising we must stop warming before it exceeds 1.5C by 2030.  

That is twelve years of accelerating and increasing decline in stability before we are well and truly cooked.  

Blame this directly on Donald Trump and his apocalyptic economics.  This time he can not just bankrupt the enterprise as the economy adjusts to unsustainable tax cuts with an infrastructure that no longer looks after its people. 

Economic Recovery

A consumer driven economy is a tougher proposition for risk but efforts of the Government is driven by the needs of the consumer in an attempt to build confidence for risk takers they are stripping bits of skin from the hide of nearly everyone by a) providing a corporate tax rate that is perceived as “being cut” therefore attracting capital investment, although so far results are questionable at best, and b) not adjusting the 40% rate of income tax so the pool of those affected in a 5% inflation rate economy, broadly increasing the tax take of the many for the benefit of a very few who could otherwise contribute to the society enjoyed by the people they employ.

Working conditions are host to much time over maybe 30 years or so of our lives. Working in inhumane sweat factories or unhealthy conditions is a tax on the flesh of those bringing up the children whose random distribution of intellect and opportunity may or may not intersect. It is the meeting of the intelligent children with increased opportunity that can provide the competence for a better tomorrow. Short changing education by effectively placing an advertising business between quality vs quantity equations – decisions that affect our trend in nature.

The problem with non-interventionist governments is that they tend to be the more interventionist in consequence due to the austerity they believe will balance the books in our favour sucking the confidence producing pheromones that do excite demand. You are not driving a vacuum cleaner more efficiently by putting more fluff on the ground so you feel it is cleaning more effectively.

More succinctly, the increase of demand without the balance of utility, is the enslavement of everyone. We have left and right wings for good reasons, society is more complex than an equation or a formula. The National Health is important as a sign of the very human value – diversity. We are the one species that is aware of the value of it. It is democratic to value each human being equally, but to reward them in a consequential way, and what eats at the heart of consumer confidence is hearing how bankers must be rewarded with amounts and tax avoidance by companies taking advantage of our labour is a sign that we as consumers are simply consuming the wrong things.

Why deal with an organisation that reduces our national savings? Our pride as a country is a pride in qualitative values, British Made used to be a mark that inspired confidence. We achieve this via actions not dangling carrots in front of the already greedy entitled few. That they control the public levers of wealth to their private benefit in a disproportionate way should provide them with an opportunity to aid the treasury knowing it was at least providing for the health of all with equanimity.

It is that covenant of looking after one another that is evaporating as consumers are being bled dry on both fronts – as inflation is descending (artificially raised anyway by an increase in VAT, so you have to examine the trend)

Economic solutions

Greece and Portugal can sell their gold reserves, the price is very high and that fuels speculation. By putting their gold onto the market gradually, they can keep up with loan repayments. Government spending is necessary during a recession or businesses could change their behaviour. Like paying taxes. Like buying gold reserves and opening offices in countries like Greece.

The rise of the global corporate has enabled cross border legal theft of taxes from the economies of many countries. Is this a pressure from the one-world-government Bilderberg conference confirming years of conjecture by “conspiracy theorists”? Or is the intent to create corporations that exist outside the rule of law? What will stop them becoming feral when even under the auspices of the US government, we had rife corporate misdealings such as Enron and MCI who falsified accounting information to keep share prices suspended higher than they should have been, attracting investment they basically ended up wasting. Or Lehman Brothers who made very irrational decisions with bound to fail one day securitization deals. Corporate theft by Bernie Maddoff happening right under the collective noses of law enforcement, the Inland Revenue Service, the banks and Wall Street.

What if a multi trillion global corporation falls into the hands of corruption? How will that damage every nation states’ progress and growth? Or is that already happening – for example who is motivated to write thousands of computer viruses? Corporate criminals would have the skills. The Mafia probably do not. The West (and Google) point fingers at the Chinese Government. Corporations are more likely to gain from harming their competitors. Is there a war between China and the West? Not really, no. No evidence of that, but are there corporations who have proven they are not to be trusted? Lots.

So instead of regulating the high flyers to merely protect the public from expedential uninsurable risk they pose, why not regulate corporations at the international level to make them more responsible to trade balances and the well being of all?

Why not give the very largest corporations humanitarian projects and social responsibility?

America can get out of debt tomorrow. How? By selling its corporations.