The ex head of MI5 opposes the term “War on Terror”, decries the invasion of Iraq and believes it is time to talk with Al Qaeda. Interesting. Pretty much what Disturbing Trends has been saying for years, that 9/11 was a terrible crime but it was not war, it was a terrible crime. The Bush led American response has nearly bankrupted the USA. Invading Iraq created a breeding ground and a cause for terrorist recruitment.

What would have been a better strategy than invasion after the devastating events of Sept 11, 2001? The arrest of Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network. And that is what GW Bush first asked for, and the Taliban leader said no, he would not hand over his Muslim brother. So the US declared war on Afghanistan. More correctly the acts of Al Qaeda broke the logic of coexistence driving the US government into a frenzy. Nothing felt safe and therefore the public welcomed the new improved and sometimes intrusive security measures that made terms like human rights seem like ironic luxuries from another era. GW Bush continued the madness by then inventing reasons to invade Iraq.

The Guardian

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