The Celebrity of Politicians

What does she do all day? Shake hands and sign books? To ensure she is understood that she and her tea party members are definately not racist? To blame the media reporting it? To decry her enemies for any reason at all? What does she stand for? One suspects that reading her book will not make you wiser. She signs and agrees and shakes hands. All day. Most days on the campaign trail. High hopes for this candidate. High hopes inherited from the incumbent? Obama swept into office on a tide of a hope. A mandate of hope is a fear of hopelessness. No matter what he does, his actions are compared to the hope raised. And that could never be beat.

I suspect it is the same for Sarah Palin. Unless she saves the world, or actually does bring Armageddon down from the heavens, which seems oddly unlikely, she is destined to be less spectacular in office than she is under the floodlights of admiration.

Watch the video on this link to the Guardian, if you have not found it already. The fan who has been there from the very first tea party is attached and probably has attended every appearance of her star performer, Palin. Does she want a ruthless Diva who will toss out any vestige of liberalism? She certainly wants Palin to be President and believes it will be.

What are her policies? We will get to that, when she is in office, then you will find out. Until then we can listen to the same generalised platitudes and insistent accusative denials.

One can only hope as Obama’s popularity wanes, he starts to use his brain and inspires the population by winning the war in Afghanistan. He had better.

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