The Conservatives and the Social Fabric

The Conservatives have a difficult job convincing the electorate that it is not their fault when they complain of a “Broken Britain”. It was after all they who exposed the manufacturing sector to world competition, not necessarily a bad thing, but the legacy of millions of unemployed left festering has led to a generation of people conditioned to rely upon Government spending, not by choice, more by circumstance and an inability to change that.

Reliance on private investment largely failed due to the “bling economy”, the Yuppies of the 80s who invested their gains into fast cars and property contributing to the huge bubbles of that burst through the last decade. The most severe being the credit crunch recession that has seen a reduction in available capital that no political party seems to have confronted and said: “we need to rebuild by causing investment in the people of Britain by the people and Government working together” which seems now the path back from evaporation of supposed capital?

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