The Cracks in Democracy

The British Parliament is one of the oldest parliamentary democracies in the modern world.

But the system of democracy combined with tradition has perverted the course of fair law making. The problem is that “robust debate” now regularly incorporates a Government that attacks the opposition for what “it would do” instead of actually making good policy and defending it from points of order raised by an opposition that can see through any venal advantage sought by the government.

Government should be a complex brain that involves a lot of processes and one of these is to defend its position against counter arguments that seeks to find the holes in its logic.

Instead what we have is an unelected PM who has sought to define himself with an anti-immigrant stance (actually anti-asylum seeker) which is utterly without merit while other policies it has enacted during the course of a 14 year parliament have turned out to be disadvantageous but are kept in place as the “other party” would “go against the will of the people”. That is itself a projection without merit. An argument for its ineffective expensive and pointless red-meat policy.

After months and millions of pounds wasted, it passes into law with the ridiculous amendment declaring Rwanda as a ‘safe-country’. There are asylum seekers from Rwanda seeking refuge in the UK who could be sent back to be stored in the country they are fleeing.

The policy does not solve the immigration crisis. The PM thinks he looks tough on immigration when in fact his government has tripled the rate of immigration due to their insane and undemocratic Brexit policy that has reduced the UK from being highly influential on the world stage to being an ineffective and weakend voice.

The point of this article is to point out the futility of British “democracy”. Not only do we regularly vote a party where the majority of the votes are against it to power, it acts as if it has the absolute right to stay in power by making false claims about the opposition as if it were in Government, which it is not. This is a perversion of the democratic responsibility of power.

In America it is even worse.

American democracy is all about the personality of the President. On one side we have a self-declared dictator who is being tried with serious crimes, and on the other a successful President seeking a second term who is both old and attacked by the House Representatives for imaginary corruption based on the mud-slinging theory. The time they have wasted with pointless exercises of “democratic” process that went nowhere, they could have spent addressing the big issue of uncontrolled immigration. They would prefer to frame the argument that their candidate, the failed ex-President, would somehow bring about world peace and stop immigration overnight, when what he spent most of his time during his last tenure in office is passing executive orders and playing golf. No legacy of lasting change.

American democracy has dissolved into foul play by both sides. The Democrats seem to allow immigration to run unchecked as that will increase their support, supposedly. The Republicans promote a celebrity candidate who regularly spouts absolute nonsense allegedly (as it is before the courts) called for an insurrection which the world was a witness to, has been found liable for fraud and sexual abuse. What madness is this? On the other side of the coin, there is Putin invading Ukraine and the awful war in the Middle East. Serious business for the Executive Branch. Trump threatens to accept the defeat of Ukraine as a war strategy and probably exacerbated the polarisation of the Palestinians or at least majorly contributed to it.

The Republican mindset dangles on a thread of its own credibility. Voters are emotionally going to decide their own future based on false claims and lies.

The fragility of democracy. It is open to abuse and in these two primary examples of the most Western of Western countries, the beacons of democracy and freedom, it is being flogged to to the highest bidder. The corruption has become the norm.

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