The Drug War

From the village folk in the Peruvian jungle product pickups to the corrupt cops and the culture and guns of New York, the drug trade forms a commercial interaction between certain counties. Hardly “fair trade” because of the level of violence and stealth required to achieve such profit levels. There is talk of changing laws, however a recent vote in California that supported continued prohibition of cannabis.

With thugs and guns what otherwise looks exactly like a fertilizer shipping business, the distribution of cocaine or heroin, becomes criminal. Is it so because it is harmful or because there is an untaxed profit? Or is the Afghanistan war part of the war on drugs? What does “winning” mean? Will it change anything?

That the Taleban seem to survive on the export of drugs to a snorting army of customers is the war against the rest of the world. It is as though one country had the one weapon that could destroy whole cities. It wealds power over the part of the world affected by its deadly threat. Nuclear weapons will not return a sustainable profit but the drug trade does.

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