The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush

The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush: Politics & Power:

Nice to see the mainstream media starting to recognize what we have been saying for years. President George W. Bush and his administration have run the USA economy into extraordinary debt in an effort to maintain a status quo. If this was a business the opportunity to print more money and lend it to anyone has created the sub-prime mortgage crash disaster. International finances mean that a mistake in the policy of the USA government has indirectly resulted in failures of a large number of banks and financial institutions in other countries.

George W. Bush has over-spent and fought wars he could have avoided but did not. It now appears that our early conjecture was correct, George W. Bush was always going to invade Iraq. Even before 9/11 such plans appear to exist.

The policy of exerting military control over the Middle East is an old story. Britain had control of the area called Iraq until 1920. The defeat of the Ottoman Empire meant new political entities had to establish and the design of Iraq was loaded with conflicts, both between Sunni and Shiite – and of course between the Kurds and Turkey.

And now Pakistan is becoming less stable – with 77% Sunni population and being the home in exile of the Taleban make Pakistan and Iran into potential enemies. If the USA mishandle the Iran issue – or the Pakistan issue – my prediction is a war between Iran and Pakistan.

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