The emtremities of war

So now we have a war of assassins.

While the West attacks the Taliban leadership with remotely controlled preditory model aircraft attempting to pin-point terrorists they still managed to kill random civilians and innocents. It is brutal but compared to territorial fighting it out, wars of attrition, tank battles or the most extreme forms using WMD – it is essentially an attempt to assissinate. To chop the head off the snake. And from the other side, suicide bombers with increasingly bizarre ways to conceal explosives attempt to assassinate a leader of the Afghan military. Recruitment for these two armies seems a little lopsided. On one we have something like video game playing soldiers. On the other, self mutilation.

One thought on “The emtremities of war

  1. The operations in Iraq came about as a result of the US attempting to put pressure on Saudi Arabia. Much of the funding for Al Qaeda came from sources in Saudi Arabia through channels left over from the Afghan War. The US, wanting to staunch such financial support, pressured the Saudi leadership to cooperate with the West. The Saudis in power, fearing an Islamic backlash if they cooperated with the US which could push them from power, refused. In order to put pressure on Saudi Arabia to cooperate, the invasion of Iraq was conceived. Such an action would demonstrate the power of the US military, put US troops near to Saudi Arabia, and demonstrate that the US did not need Saudi allies to project itself in the Middle East.

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