The Fight to End Aging Gains Legitimacy, Funding

The Fight to End Aging Gains Legitimacy, Funding

If we never died, would we fight wars? Would our bodies have a greater degree of priority over the environment, and therefore is humans being able to live two or three times as long not environmentally hazardous? Will there be warnings in generontological pill boxes, warning, taking these may make the future more unpleasant?

Does not the cold thrill of death, the end, the finish, the waste of everything the hard reality that makes it possible for us to appreciate bliss and procreate madly, rather than trying to make that same nebulous “everything” (a meaningless word if there ever was one) – somehow stretch further than it can before the rate of human progress makes your cost to the world unbearable?

If we have to confont living for ever, it may seem the answer to millions of dreams. Even if everyone got 100 more years. What would happen to the world? Much change. Much unplanned change. Slowly inexorably it would change. People would compensate by being careful to have less children. With current life spans, this is already happening.

The trend here is inward. The attention is on the self. Wanting to live forever is going to take quite some getting used to…

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