The Republican Experiment

Is the Republican dalliance with empire building any guide as to what may come next in their view of the future of the world?

Do we want the Democrats “reasonable” vision of tomorrow – where every child is educated and given adequate health care and thus not “held back” by poverty.

Or is it better for nature and economics to pick the winners, even when one winner may make enough for doing nothing to feed 10,000 mouths? There is that school of thought, that nature has its competitive elements set against each other so naturally via a process of elinimation 
the best survival techniques are forwarded.

It is a little like arguing that without death life becomes unattractive.  We need the limit to enable the engine to accelerate with any urgency.  Vitality is not earned via force.  Invasion of foreign will blunts the engagement of purpose.  Authorship of ideas extends credibility.

Where is the Republican Experiement leading? 

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