There are two kinds of land mines…

There are two kinds of land mines: the kind that

History provides only lessons about how we could have dealt with Pol Pot, Hitler, etc. The twentieth century does not provide useful answers to the landmine dillema. It is neither.

American presence in the ME is a time bomb, America and Israel believes their desires will never be honoured and that is because of a continual state of war in the ME.

Saddam removal by America was an expensive military mistake – may have been the right thing to do on morale grounds – but it was not. Saddam was the leader of an artificial nation. Now that nation is trying to find its feet, but there are too many landmines under them, and the American army restricting the actions of warriors/terrorists to kill their enemy and thus resolve the issue.

If America withdraws, within 15 years, Iraq will become aligned with Iran. The Baathists stopped that for the minority Sunni popularion, but introduce democracy and the majority gets power. And that is Shiite.

The real strategic error committed by Bush was invading Iraq. America was already running a 10 year war of attrition, it was cruel and generated a crop of those willing to give their lives to save their world.

The war is making matters worse. How about building universities and offering the new generation of Iraqi leaders (who will take power in 10 years from now) an alternative? The foot will have to stay on the landmine until the landmine is defused or America risks being lured into committing more war crimes.

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