Top Scientists and Engineers Question 9/11

Top Scientists and Engineers Question 9/11

Here is a list of a large number of links that question the official story of what actually happened on 9/11.

Disturbing Trends has pointed out before that it is more logical the towers were always rigged to implode and that the reason for that information being suppressed is obvious enough.

How many other buildings are scheduled for demolition in New York in case of a severe fire (a plane crash into a building may have been considered, even as an accident). If it was safer to “pull” the building rather than have it fall like a tree, it could have been rigged against a lynch-pin structure – one that collapses in a controlled fashion. It is a more reasonable theory than the one in which Bush planned the event. Cheney is more belivable in this role,and if so, Kucinich’s drive to impeach is brilliant. If Cheney is impeached, it exposes the Bush Adminstration to sunlight and dissection.

It is more logical is that 9/11 was planned for (in a general sense) and both the Bush and Clinton administrations had some plans in place in case of events outside the bounds of reason.

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