Totalitarianism in America

As the Occupy Wall Street Protests continue – there appears to be a very disturbing federal effort to disrupt the protest. Naomi Woolf writes this is indicative of corruption at the highest levels – greedy members of Congress who pass laws that benefit their own back pockets. And the federal coordination of police action spraying pepper into the eyes of students and old people who are protesting against this corruption is the beginning of a class war – a civil war in America

America is proud to be called the land of the free, but there is nothing free about absolute Government control, there is no freedom if the majority are slaves of the few. The movement of American politics from idealism to idolatry is directly linked to the actions of Al Qaeda who’s act of war against America has created a monster that increasingly is a threat to itself and others. To carry a debt of 15 trillion dollars is to deny that wealth to others – American debt is so much larger than it should be and there is a good reason for this distortion – what is that money funding, exactly?

It is funding corruption that is rife through every seat of government. Every particle of pepper spray emitted from the can that cop held is a bolder smashing down the principles of liberty and freedom that America holds so dear. Like King Kong, it has been driven mad and is stomping on the ground without understanding the consequences of its actions. Unfortunately for us all, Obama is the only sane politician but that is because he is not a politician – he is just a mere voice in a forest of knives bleeding the beast of all its primal power.

America can not move away from this state of religious fury unless an event distracts them, it seems. 9/11 turned America from a greedy pig into a complex, wild boar out to eat itself.

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