Trolling and Depression

Trolling is like any addiction, done to the death. The central myth that was choice does not exist but the dedicated pursuit of the exclusive feelings or something like that, some warped imperative justifies the disconnection of the self from reliance on others probably has no friends because Daddy is that rich. Full military industrial complex conspiracy theory raw wealth, you better beiieve it, or the corridor guards helmets will issue orders to kill and then capture any one who doubts it. That exclusivity wraps around the fantasy of computer game madness and by the time they are 20, trust fund confidence and hunting instincts combine. He makes yet another gritty advertisement on his video camera. He tried everything but the feeling of desperate disconnection can be felt by his sister but when she speaks with him he is unable to listen agitated, waiting for the man at the age of eleven. Of course the myth of wealth sadly is the one thing not required in this illustration. The stupid malicious desperate could also be a flashy idiot who simply can not keep his idiot trap shut who tramples on a nerve. I can not define the activity of trolling, but I can say it is an addictive behaviour.

Mix it with a victim suffering depression, and it loses its dumb magic and becomes a vicious and sinister addictive activity. Addicts go the full range of behaviours from using dangerous substances like hard drugs right through to mass murderers, it is that kind of category. Being part of it had in the harsh light of day no glamour but scored highly into the soul with the gleam of derision. Bullet grey logic dictated her life, she had to know what people were saying about her, it was what this social media was about. It was her job.

Sad stories in real life. More likely to be connected via the medium. It feels like we, the vast audience, can do something about this. Leave comments that make sense, never attack anyone. Make trolling the awkward but irrelevant stray voice and reduce it to spam. We can do this with software, we can do this with love and humanity. Let us use this medium to lift one another above our shoulders emotionally.

We have a new form of communication in social media. And if it all gets too unpleasant, you can simply suspend or remove your account, start again. Reinvent.

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