UK: Extending democracy?

It is proposed as a Labour policy, maybe better described as “strategy”, extending the vote to students, those most affected and unlikely to vote for “that other party, the one Nick Clegg used to lead”.

This is bound to provide a political response to those most affected by the reversal of the Free Education stance of the Lib Dems who traded an enslavement of future generations under mother Government for a few years pretending they had “influenced things”. If the Lib Dems were either Liberal or Democrats their first act in coalition would be let to Government settle in but to pull the plug by voting against student fees, the Labour party would have had a chance to recover from Brown – and the “hard decisions” would have been to stimulate the economy instead of starving it. Now we may have a dystopian future of a confident Ed Balls playing wrong-foot the Chancellor by declaring a surplus would be the Labour policy when it probably is not. Economics do not appear to be the most reliable of election planks but the student vote is. And so it should be. Enfranchise the young – give then a vote and the Government may have to subscribe to a future for all.

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