UK to urge Global Clampdown on Antibiotics

It is now scientifically and medically recognised that antibiotic use must be extremely limited if they are to remain effective in life threatening situations.

David Willetts, the science minister, will propose far-reaching measures that would clamp down on the overuse of antibiotics by GPs and hospital doctors. He will also try to restrict usage on farms and fisheries, where the drugs are blended with feed to boost yields.Guardian

As a survivor of near fatal infection following surgery the value of antibiotics is beyond question. But for real health it is imperative to avoid antibiotics unless the killing of bacteria is critically indicated. Recovery with traditional medicine (which is really helpful in relaxing the mind while avoiding antibiotics) is necessary for minor ailments. If widespread use of antibiotics is not stomped out we are in danger of evolving bacteria we can not fight eventually evolving an extinction event. It is very intelligent of the UK Government to take this to the G8, the G20 and the UN.

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