Union of Europe

The forbidden measure that the European Union can take to immediately solve its problems are to unite as the Union of Europe.

By simply combining into one huge fiscal mass of commonly budgeted economies it can trump the “we will help, but we are not involved” UK Government. The Tory Revolt against the EU and a recent Guardian survey that reveals a demand by the UK electorate (or at least a large majority of those surveyed) a perception that separation from the EU is wanted. Is it the best things for the EU? Having another large economy on board to still the boat is the best thing for a united Europe but the perception seems to be that it would not be a good move in the current disunited state of Europe.

If Europe were to federalise with the UK a part of it, it could solve its debt emergencies. Why not have equalised pension opportunities across the continent? Why not follow the very successful model of unity that are enclosed Empires like China and the USA? It would seem the natural order of making it right for a larger population.

What is the population of Europe? 731 million? What if all of them worked together toward a common goal of the betterment of all Europe? Would this not have positive benefits for every economy if everyone was considered equal?

Equal? People in each country are not equal to each other. There are winners and losers. There are a percentage of winners and many who have less financial ability than the average level.

An obvious argument of the Right is to flatten taxes so that every pound is taxed equally rather the weight of taxes increasing as need subsides. If this were applied in a rigorous manner so that every person actually paid 30% of their income to the common revenue would the tax take be greater than it would be if millionaires avoid paying taxes?

The phrase “we are all in this together” is quite meaningless. If it were real, then solutions to Europe’s problems would be more obvious.

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