Value of Money

Does the value of money matter? This is the primary divide between left and right wing economics.  To the Conservative, the idea that old money becomes inflated away is an anathema.  To the Progressive minded, the idea that there is no social churn, allowing social mobility upward is worth it but still possibly hopes that does not mean inflating away wealth. Accumulated wealth is only power if not attacked by time.  Investors with large funds therefore must hedge themselves against extreme market turbulence while increasing their capital base by accumulating returns.  When the Government invests in reducing interest rates, it is effectively transforming the sovereign wealth to protect an early version of some horror monster that can leave massive footprints on wealth.  An important part of progress is not to accelerate risk beyond the ability of the state to meet it.  When there is relatively no state, as in a tax haven, then wealth is not tied to the fortunes of people.

The balance between state and the potentials of commerce that grows across borders inexorably is challenged

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