War talk


Iran insist, as they tend to, to make an entirely illogical case that because they send some pilgrims to fight with Assad against revolutionary forces which seem to be getting very out of control by a process of assassination of the head of the army, minister of defence and fighting with weapons that do appear from many sources, and no doubt that in some way the USA may be complicit in supporting probably Sunni Muslim forces, rebels and probably Al Qeada forces as well in the war against the Assad tyranny.  And it is that mixture that sees the devout Islamic Shi’ite state support a secular Arab leader, a sort of shadow to Saddam and possibly the recipient of stocks of chemical warfare as well as an industry of domestic weapon building now being talked about.  Very familiar territory but he is at war with his own citizens.

Not many voter would tick that box.  Assad’s power is not only over, but he goes from one horror to the next with a sense of righteousness and self belief that is hard to fathom.







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