What is wrong with democracy?

We think democracy will save us from tyrants. We think that an escalating conflict between conservative and liberal, or capitalism and socialism will provide the best governments wanted by the majority. Huge majorities vote in ‘strong-man’ leaders who then clamp down on human rights on the promise of immigration controls. The liberal governments adopt a futile, belief system that goes too far off the cliff and is now called the ‘woke agenda’. Or conservative governments lower tax contributions from the very rich and increase the wealth divide, using populism to sell their crippling agenda to those with aspiration. Or capitalism causes wild economic storms that then require bailouts of huge banks that are ‘too big to fail’. Or socialism causes the people it purports to serve to become unemployed, and impoverished. Or theocratic dictators suppress women’s contributions to society and kill homosexuals.

Is there one government in the world that actually serves the people? Maybe Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Finland? Suggest that and a hundred voices on X.com pile in saying that Norway drills for oil and socialism and atheism or insults to the prophets or something.

The most successful country in history, the USA, has its problems. So does China and Russia. And Japan. Economic success of the most indebted nation ever (USA) is undermined by the insanity of its political system. It is the extremes that win elections, but form insane governments that insult the intelligence of over half the voting public. That is both the major parties.

How is it possible to respect democracy when it produces such terrible governments? There has to be a better system than this.

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