Where is the final straw?

It started with the gross tax cuts. Giving several billion back to the echelon of the very rich provided opportunities for insanity. And out it came – another fictional revolution in valuation. The property market revalued and revalued but the US sharemarket has been relatively flat over the past eight years. Strange how a disinterested at first President caught at the ranch not just in the weekends until a strange blessing from his rival in the disguise of extreme disaster blessed this President with outrageous power. Tax cuts. They would go ahead. And they did. And then new vehicles to absorb the extra cash were invented, possibly the very very rich stopped buying futures when they started to bite back or maybe the extra liquidity violates the primary law of monetary policy – hunger provides need that makes logic paramount. In the US economy risk became paramount to keep the stock brokers from ennui when nothing but profit rocked the 90s. Since they started to pillory Hillary and her husband some years back, the US seemed to lose the plot.

Maybe that is because they are under the control of a politician who’s only definition of management is after-the-fact over-reaction and waste caused by a lack of real consideration beyond making Dick Cheney fat – like he was winning a bet with his Dad – the real President Bush. This President Bush tarnished the memory of his father by violating the principal upon which his father gained the world’s support going to war against Saddam. Bush Jr was always going to have something to resolve and putting the US military at the whim of this man has proven to be horribly expensive.

So the tax cuts generated pointless liquidity, no need to worry, clever dick’s at investment banks invented ways to dress bad debt up so it looked like people could pay them, but no real capital gain was realised. Too much building changes the nature of the economy. Ownership gets centralised.

The frivalous investment in bad debt – which when you think about it is simply snake oil – had to collapse as nobody is going to want it. Who wants over expansion when we know we are already damaging nature to the degree that our children’s lives are threatened? What kind of people are we? Sub-primates?

And now – the US Government with its most Right wing of right winged leaders finds his treasury bailing out the fifth largest financial institution. Is this a meltdown? Is that an earthquake on the horizon? If so, watch out for the Tsunami.

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