Why Tolerate Catastrophe?

The catastrophe of nationalism and isolationism typified by Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson are carving a scar in human history deeper than even world wars managed. A terrifying future awaits. And it is by choice but without intelligence, it is a malignant leadership of narcissist short term heroics and populism running away with its own self-importance ignoring the terrifying conditions festering and corrupting opportunity.

Business may have had money on a platter, developers given free reign to destroy nature and pollute to unleash ‘potential’. Is it profit if it costs lives? Is it gain if lives are destroyed systematically? Is it governance when it is mere promotion and irresponsibility?

The handling of the Covid crisis provides a measure of how awful and destructive the rule of these ‘leaders’ is proving and frankly, the world is sick of them. The USA and Brazil lead the world in measured Covid infections in a second wave resurgence more terrifying and fatal than any other event in American history.

And the UK has the feckless and increasingly unstable liar, Boris Johnson leading the country from Covid nightmares into Brexit desolation, a future increasingly dependent upon replacing the reliable and efficient trade with the EU with a cornered rat negotiation with the most unreliable US administration that now appears doomed, in which case British interests will not be high on the list of priorities of a new adminstration, or if the nightnare continues, will it be in the interests of the British people.

Democracy would have prevented these disasters, if it were respected. The USA and UK are not shining lights of democracy. They are autocratic dictatorships. They are wreaking their countries.

The opposition to those who would lie and cheat democratic fairness will have to be nearly universal to drown out the inevitable accusations. In the case of the dysfunctional leaders in the Americas this seems likely. The undemocratic system in the UK has cemented in a government that is prepared to enforce a marginal vote from four years ago despite majority opposition to it. The UK needs to rise up and prevent Brexit.

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