Desperate Measures Trump

Donald Trump is taking desperate measures to ‘fire up the base’, from using Covid-19 Briefings as a political platform, illegally invading states with federal troops – basically declaring a civil war against the constitutional protections, and trying to convince people that he has ‘mental acuity’ by passing a dementia screening test with ‘flying colors’, to lying and self-congratulating in a sad way.

But how does he communicate to his ‘base’? I am lucky enough to own an email account that people with similar names sometimes use by mistake: hence a namesake in Oklahoma has subscribed one of my email addresses to Donald Trump’s election appeals for donations. I have so far received six emails in the past 24 – 48 hours. With increasingly sleazy appeals that my namesake could be the 2 millionth online donation if he just makes his donation soon. In the language employed by cult leaders, one email claims that the President would notice ‘your name’ with your donation, and even invites him to the donation hall of fame … ‘This is a one-time offer for YOU only. We can only hold your spot for the NEXT HOUR, so don’t wait.‘ and ‘President Trump really wants to see YOUR NAME in the Trump Donor Hall of Fame… He’ll be walking through the Hall of Fame again soon and we know he’ll look to see if you took advantage of this prestigious offer. Don’t let him down.’

Desperate stuff. Does his campaign seriously think anyone would believe that Trump will notice a name (amongst they say 2 million other names) and be so vain as to be sucked into the insanity of attacking scientists as the death rate from the virus exceeds 150,000 or supporting the undermining of the constitution and rule of law, effectively ending freedom and liberty for all, just so their name is plastered on a wall in a ‘Hall of Fame’? Evidentially, that is exactly what they think.

If a campaign treats its subscribers with extraordinary insults, they must realise that their followers have a very low opinion of themselves and no respects for liberty or freedom. They are expecting the voters supporting Trump to be un-American.

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